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Integrative Health Coaching



i. assess & address

In order to obtain clear direction of where we want to go we must first get a full understanding of where we currently are. We will utilize nutritional and physical assessments as a bridge to reach and comprehend the mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions being experienced. As a team we will formulate a program that will begin to correct current imbalances, mobilize stagnant areas in your life, and strengthen the muscles that will move you towards your dream.

ii. implement & experience

Once formulated, we will systematically implement the layers of our program into your daily life. We will build on this from the ground up. Ensuring the physical body is nourished and functioning optimally enough to provide clear thoughts and emotions. From here identifying and dissolving the mental and emotional blockages present. This will lead to the final layers of reconnecting with your inner Self and open the passage to realizing your dreams.

iii. reflect & rinse

We are evolving beings and as we begin our journey inward the external factors we assessed and addressed in the previous phases will also evolve.  This is the moment where we will reflect on what has worked to get us to this current point, what no longer serves you, and the next steps required to continue evolving.

personal | integrative | sustainable 

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