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THE journey

Beto's curiosity in human behavior was sparked at an early age. Being raised within a large extended family exposed him to variety of personalities to observe, analyze, and engage with. His childhood experience served as a catalyst to a question, that to this day, remains present in the mind: "What causes us to react and behave in the ways we do?"


Conforming to society's idea of "success", Beto pursued a career in Accounting & Finance. He quickly realized that although he acquired valuable business knowledge and a sense of financial security there was still a void present in his life. The question "Am I spending my time in a purposeful way?" began to resonate louder.


A major shift was experienced in 2016 when he decided to take a leap of faith, leave the comfortable structure he had built in his hometown of Miami, FL and move to Southern California. Having several months in between jobs, Beto was finally able to take the break necessary to reflect and process on these questions boiling within. This moment served as a mirror for him and gradually the curiosity to explore his own mental and emotional constructs began to surface.


Beto began to tap into traditional therapy as a way of addressing and understanding the past events that made up his 'idea of self'. The insight gained from this practice laid the foundation necessary to initiate his journey in self discovery but after some years he had reached a plateau. In a continued search for alternative avenues towards self-awareness he began to lean heavily into his Yoga practice and immersed himself deeper in the yogic philosophies through a teacher training program.


Through controlled movement of the body and breath a shift in mindset was experienced. This connection between the body and mind led to a greater understanding of the spirit and the answers to the questions resonating became more clear. Understanding the importance and impact this practice had in his life, a desire to share this knowledge arose and Beto continued on his journey as a yoga instructor.


Curiosity in the space of well-being only grew from here and he went on to obtain a certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner at the CHEK Institute. Beto aims to incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy, nutrition, functional movement and spirituality into cohesive approach that will allow for one to reconnect to their inner Self and live a purpose driven life.


Beto continues to navigate through his journey with a curious mind and open heart, researching and engaging in the variety of modalities and schools of thought that add value to one's life. Clear of his purpose in this human experience: build and spread self-awareness for purposeful living. He finds himself humbled and honored to share what he's learned with his clients and continue growing and progressing as a collective.

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